I love weddings… I love everything about them! I love the happiness, the fun, the laughter, the tears, the photos, the random Uncle in the corner with the crazy outfit.

I love the look in the people's eyes. I love the sense of pride and happiness in the front row, as they gaze on at their children. I love that when you are at a wedding, all the negative parts of the world disappear and we are reminded that love is all you need. 

Every wedding I do is different, and whether it’s a grand affair or a backyard get together, I love leaving a ceremony with the couple beaming, it genuinely makes my day.

I am married with 2 boys, I live in Melbourne's SE suburbs, and I love food, wine and coffee. Fresh flowers make me happy, as do scented candles and fabulous shoes!! 

I became a Celebrant 10 years ago because I went to a wedding that felt soulless and impersonal. I have been trying to be the opposite of that ever since!